14 Stunning Portraits Show the Beauty of Black-And-White Wildlife Photography

A lone elephant and zebra walk acorss a savanna

 Johan Swanepoel / Shutterstock

When we think of wildlife photography, we usually think of images with vivid colors. Most of the time, the colors tell as much of the story as the pose or behavior of the animal photographed -- most of the time, but not always. Sometimes, taking out the color actually helps our eye to see the form, pattern, and expression that could otherwise be missed when we're distracted by vibrant hues and tones. Black and white photography reduces how much information our eyes and brain need to take in, and the results can mean an even more powerful, compelling, and simply gorgeous photographs. The images below are perfect examples. Feast your eyes on these monochromatic pieces of art.

swan in the water
aliasemma / Shutterstock
lion walk across field
Moments by Mullineux / Shutterstock
flock of starlings in flight
xpixel / Shutterstock
baby elephant presses against mother's leg
Johan Swanepoel / Shutterstock
owl peeks over tree branch
Johan Swanepoel / Shutterstock
Nagel Photography / Shutterstock
red deer standing in snowy field
Mark Caunt / Shutterstock
white peacock with tail feathers spread
Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock
close up of a cape buffalo face and horn
Donovan van Staden / Shutterstock
running impala
Johan Swanepoel / Shutterstock
leopard walks down a beaten path
JI de Wet / Shutterstock
two mustangs facing off
Inge Jansen / Shutterstock
egret stands on a submerged hippo's back
Teri Franzen / Flickr