Sleep Anywhere, Anytime: Studio Banana Introduces Their Latest Minimalist OstrichPillow Hood

©. Studio Banana

It started as a portable place to nap; now it is a hoodie without the -ie.

Rarely has a post attracted so many negative comments as our first coverage of the Ostrich Pillow, which created "a micro-environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease." Fortunately, all those comments were lost when we changed systems, but the dream of the Ostrich Pillow carries on. TreeHugger has written often about the health benefits of naps and we are always looking for ways to make life in small spaces, the open office or coffee shop easier, so it seemed very TreeHugger. We have covered its fascinating evolution over the years.

Ostrich Pillow

© Kawamura-Ganjavian

The original Ostrich Pillow was big and people wearing it looked kind of weird. But it really was clever; I thought it might be very useful for people living in small spaces, almost like carrying a bedroom on your back.


© kawamura-ganjavian

So the gang, now called Studio Banana, persevered and refined their design. They even came up with a more transit-friendly Ostrich Pillow light.

Did you know that a power nap of around 20 minutes increases productivity by more than 30%? Why not make the most out of our time in transit? That’s why we came up with the idea of a device which helps you disconnect, dream for short periods of time and get to your destination with a smile on your face.
Ostrich Pillow

© Ostrich Pillow

They even downsized it to a kids version, which was kind of cute.

Ostrichood on woman

© Studio Banana

Now, continuing in their less-is-more quest, they have introduced the OstrichPillow Hood, which certainly is less obvious and obnoxious than some of their earlier versions. It is sort of a hoodie without the sweat shirt part. But unlike a regular hoodie, it has "three positions that allows you to adapt to any situation of your multifaceted lifestyle, anytime, anywhere. Combine it with your favourite outfits and make it your own." It doesn't look nearly so weird, although it may be banned in Quebec where the new Premier is going to outlaw head coverings.

They say that this will help you crank out your work in noisy coffee shops and open offices,

Research shows that it takes around 23 minutes to return to a task after being distracted. HOOD allows you to create your own space and stop all the distractions to which we are exposed daily, from the moments at the office to the hustle and bustle of any modern city.
Studio banana team

© Studio banana via Kickstarter

What really impresses me the most about it is that a pair of young Spanish architects, Ali Ganjavian and Key Kawamura, started with a silly idea and have built a big design and consulting business, Studio Banana, and are still cranking them out. A lesson to designers and inventors: Never give up, no matter how silly people say your idea is.