Striking Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Photos

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Missed the eclipse? We've got you covered.

At 11 p.m. on Sunday, my mom reminded me the lunar eclipse was happening soon. The spectacularly-named "super blood wolf moon" eclipse was supposed to be a semi-big deal.

"Best time to view is about midnight!" she messaged me. "Hope to stay up."

I decided not to see it. I'd regretted missing the full-on solar eclipse a year or so ago, but I'd seen lunar eclipses before, and they'd never much impressed me. I've seen full moons. I've seen new moons. The eclipse is just a combination, a transition that doesn't happen quite fast enough to be interesting. Besides, my town had just been hit by a snowstorm, and it was freezing outside.

And yet, when midnight rolled around, I poked my head out the window, just to avoid missing out. Alas, my window was on the wrong side of the house, and the moon was nowhere to be seen. As the minutes ticked on, my FOMO grew, and I found myself throwing on boots and a coat and walking out into the street.

No one else was outside; apparently, I was more committed to this thing than anyone else. I looked up and saw ... A surprisingly red moon, halfway through disappearing. I didn't take any photos, but some wonderful photographers around the world did. So for anyone who missed the eclipse, here's what it looked like.

blood moon in finland

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blood moon in argentina

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eclipse blood moon france


eclipse in france

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blood moon

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blood moon in latvia

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