Striking Images Compete for Photo Awards

Entries include marching flamingos, mating bugs, and a mountain sunset.


Kyle Minar / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Marching flamingos, sunset behind the Tetons, a lone biker by the waterfront. These are some of the early eye-catching entries in this year's Sony World Photography Awards Open competition.

Open to both established and emerging artists, the contest is now in its 15th year. It is presented by the World Photography Organisation and includes categories such as Natural World & Wildlife, Architecture, and Landscape.

"Entries to the 2022 Open competition so far not only highlight the beauty of our world but celebrate the democratic nature of photography as it stands today," a spokesperson for the organization tells Treehugger. "From a flamboyance of flamingos to awe-inspiring landscapes, arresting portraits to dynamic scenes of the liveliest streets, the breadth of imagery is sure to delight and excite in equal measure."

“Strut your Stuff," above, is an entry in the Natural World & Wildlife category. Photographer Kyle Minar of the United States describes the image:

“The annual migration of the Great American Flamingo is nothing short of spectacular. This particular image was taken in late May during nesting season in Rio Lagartos, Mexico. The photograph was taken from a small boat in the middle of the Rio Lagartos Mangrove forest where many of the hatchlings catch their first breath.”

The deadline for student entries is Nov. 30 while the Open contest will be accepting photos until Jan. 7 and professionals can submit until Jan. 14.

Winners will be announced in spring and all winning and shortlisted works will be placed on exhibit at Somerset House, London in April 2022  for the awards' annual exhibition. The photos will later go on display in exhibits in Liverpool (U.K.), as well as in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

"Although challenging, the last two years have highlighted the importance of the Awards in not just providing a valuable platform for rewards and opportunities but also in bringing together a global community which elevates and champions the extraordinary and creative work of contemporary photographers," Scott Gray, founder and CEO of the World Photography Organisation, said in a statement.

Here’s a look at more of the entries in the Open competition in the 2022 Sony World Photography Awards and how the photographers describe their work.

“Let Me See the World (Black and White)”

person peeking through leaves

Andi Abdul Halil / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Andi Abdul Halil/Indonesia

“This photo illustrates human resistance to the Covid-19 virus. Let me see the world is the spirit to return to the new normal era.”



Jeff Bennett / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Jeff Bennett/United States

“Sunset behind the Tetons."


insects mating

Vijay Paniselvum / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Natural World & Wildlife

Vijay Paniselvum/Malaysia

“I spotted an unusual moment when two bugs were mating.”

"Alien Base"

alien architecture

Jing Lin / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Jing Lin/China

“When my friend and I came here, we found that it really looked like an alien base. But where are the aliens?”

"Curly Pelican"

curly pelican

Anton Bondarev / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Natural World & Wildlife

Anton Bondarev/Russian Federation

“Curly Pelican from Rostov-on-Don Zoo. Beautiful creature.”

"The Biker"

bike on path by water

Marc Zetterblom / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Street Photography

Marc Zetterblom/Sweden

“A graphical image shot from a bridge capturing a lone biker by the waterfront.”

"Dockyard Worker"

dockyard worker

Takrim Ahmed / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Takrim Ahmed/Bangladesh

“Dockyard worker life.”


boy on boat in Epe lagoon

Arifayan Taiwo / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Arifayan Taiwo/Nigeria

“A boy navigates his boat through a foggy Epe lagoon amidst the mild evening waves that funnels into the famous Epe fish mart, the Oluwo market.  Here, there are no nets to cast nor trawlers to drag, the artificial dam created by various sticks stuck strategically on the water creates a nursery and cage on the large body of water just like the ancient water surfers that founded the ancient floating town of Epe did circa 300 years ago.”

“Mirror Mirror In The Locker Wall”

mirrors and lockers creative image

Hardijanto Budyman / 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Hardijanto Budyman/Indonesia

“Human's mind is a Playground! A place where we can so much fun to play with our Imagination, our Ideas, our Inspirations and our Creativity!”