Streetlight Intelligence: Creating Ecologically Brilliant Communities.

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Streetlight Intelligence (STI) has been getting some interesting coverage for it's proprietary technology, the "Lumen streetlight intelligent management system", which allows streetlights to be remotely programmed so that they can be dimmed or turned on and off. The idea is for power marketing agencies, utilities, municipalities and commercial entities to cut electrical power consumption as well as lower maintenance costs. The "streetlight manager", who will be using a proprietary software offered by STI, creates multiple schedules to dim or turn off any combination of streetlights during any portion of the night. STI also offers street level hand-held controllers. It strikes us that the Streelight Manager's computer is going to be situated right next to the one that tracks all the security and traffic cameras mounted on light standards. Possible job description coming to a city near you: "Must have enjoyed multiple viewings of Wizard of Oz". This creates an inherent dicotomy of purpose unless the security cameras do well at low light levels. The more optimistic view (which we like) is that the temptation to obtain serious energy savings provides the incentive to better control crime.
STL states that "roadway lighting can be reduced up to 50% of the initial foot candle output as the pedestrian conflict area [with vehicle traffic] changes from high to low"; and "With sixty levels of dimming, STI's Lumen SIMSTM system enables a planner or engineer to provide the exact amount of light at the roadway..."

For sheer TreeHuggerGeekness this quote is hard to surpass. "The Lumen IQTM controller features a radio frequency (RF) communication module", which allows for the "activation of specific operational commands from ground level using the Lumen ConductorTM handheld computer as well as remotely through LAN and WAN technologies (internet) using the Lumen CentralTM software. With a single command the Lumen CentralTM software can reprogram the Lumen IQTM controller whenever necessary". Whew.

STI trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "SLQ".