Street Experiment: How Many NYC Drivers Fail to Signal When Turning?

NYC drivers signal
CC BY 3.0. Streetfilms

Streetfilms/CC BY 3.0

Our friend Clarence from Streetfilms has decided to see how many drivers in New York City signal their turns (no need to say that this is important for the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers, and that if we want to make our cities friendly to cyclists and pedestrians). He set up his camera at a street corner in Jackson Heights, Queens, and look at 100 cars turning either left or right, noting each time if they did or did not signal. Here's the result:

The solution? Here's Clarence's suggestion:

Every week we read horrible stories of drivers crashing into pedestrians or mounting sidewalks -- and yet hardly anyone is ever charged or even issued a ticket. NYPD could be issuing plenty of tickets for drivers failing to signal turns on just about any block at anytime. They could start a crackdown tomorrow, it doesn't require more legislation. It doesn't require an officer to be stationed in a car with a radar gun. Just stand on the corner and pull people over. Simple.
NYPD credits cracking down on small crimes with helping to dramatically lower the city's overall crime rate. If we started to show less tolerance for "smaller" infractions, might drivers in NYC eventually change their overall driving habits?

Makes sense to me. Basic safety laws should be enforced. Otherwise, how can we expect to make cities pedestrian and cyclist-friendly?

Via Streetfilms

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