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    Escalante bamboo speakers

    July 24, 10:17 AM by Erwan Pianezza in Interior Design

    Have you ever thought of something like 'ecological sound' ? Well if you're a serious treehugger you've probably already read about Escalante eco effective speakers. Well it's good and unusual enough for a sound company to try to use best materials and

  • o2logo.gif

    o2|e2 : NYC Green Design Network

    July 24, 9:37 AM by Che in Sustainable Product Design

    o2NYC, of the o2-global eco-design network, is extending its hand to all NYC designers, businesses, and pretty much anyone that is interested in, or involved in the eco-design industry. THe o2|e2 project is working towards expo and online database for

  • flushless-urinal-01.jpg

    Case Study for Flushless Urinals

    July 24, 9:06 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Clean Water

    A 2003 Pacific Institute research titled "Waste Not, Want Not: The Potential for Urban Water Conservation in California" (pdf) tells us that if California's water-use was as efficient as readily available technology allows it to be

  • lawn-01.jpg

    Dave Pollard's Lawn Care Tips

    July 24, 8:41 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Culture

    Dave Pollard has posted a useful list of tips for taking care of the lawn. "Save water, save time, save your health, save the environment. And say no to toxic chemicals." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Tips include: Weed removal, weed

  • Aquastore.jpg

    Aquastore in Rome

    July 24, 8:29 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    If you have travelled through Rome's main train station recently, you may have noticed a well-lit, modern store selling nothing but...water. You have arrived at the AQUA Store. We can forgive the inefficiency of bottled water over the excellent water

  • akstlong.jpg

    The Green Machine that Could be Detroit

    July 24, 7:17 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    "What if a major automaker decided to reinvent itself as the world's first and only

  • Notepower-solar.jpg

    Notepower Brings the Sun to Your Lap

    July 24, 4:31 AM by Warren McLaren in Solar Technology

    TH has now showcased more solar backpacks that you can poke a proton at, but many folk are still seeking something that will charge their laptops. In case you missed it, we did make note of the 13 watt SolarMAX portable panel that could manage such a

  • hybrid-drive-01.jpg

    List of All Incentives For Hybrid Vehicles

    July 23, 8:27 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Cars

    The Union of Concerned Scientists has updated its Hybrid Center website with a list of all federal and state hybrid vehicle incentives in the US. "I think one barometer that something is catching on is whether politicians decided to jump on the

  • Snapshot 2005-07-21 12-36-02.jpg

    Wal-Mart Opens Green Supercenter in Texas

    July 23, 7:30 AM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    We at TreeHugger admit to posting more than our fair share of wind turbine photos lately. This one deserves special notice, however, as it is part of the experimental Wal-mart Supercenter store that just opened in McKinney, Texas. The experimental

  • energy-monitor-01.jpg

    EUM-2000 — Whole House Energy Monitor

    July 23, 7:26 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Gadgets

    A while ago we wrote about the Kill-A-Watt, a little device that allow you to to measure how much electricity whatever you plug in it uses. But since you can only test one appliance at a time, discovering the energy consumption of a whole house is not

  • toilets.jpg

    Japanese Toilets go Green

    July 23, 7:21 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    If you are fascinated by Japanese toilets that warm your bum, wash it and dry it and check your urine samples along the way, you will be thrilled to learn that Panasonic has now introduced a version that uses 75% less electricity. The secret is in the

  • biobling-caddy-01.jpg

    BioBling? Oh my...

    July 22, 8:58 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Culture

    From Jalopnik, the car site with an attitude, comes this strange Los Angeles story about Colette Brooks, the ad agency owner who got Hollywood stars to show up at the Oscars in Toyota Prius hybrids. Now she's into what she calls BioBling. Basically, it's

  • cortica.jpg

    Cortiça -- A Cork Chaise Longue by Daniel Michalik

    July 22, 8:55 AM by Collin Dunn in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Designer Daniel Michalik has discovered the wonderful world of cork, which we've extolled before in posts about mosiac tiles and flooring, just to name a few. Michalik's work, focusing on using underutilized, unconventional materials, is simple and

  • pedrosbarends.jpg

    Pedros Bicycle Bits

    July 22, 8:52 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    When we discovered that Bike USA 2005 had recycled handlebar tape, we wondered what else might be out there for bicycles. One thing lead to another and we arrived at Pedros. Purveyors of some greener items for pedal pushers. They have a wide collection

  • AFH.gif

    Urgent Call from Architecture for Humanity

    July 22, 8:45 AM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    "In 2004 Hurricane Ivan ravaged the island of Grenada. A majority of the housing stock was affected. After a disaster reconstruction can take years for life to be

  • TupperwareFlatOut.jpg

    Top Five - IDSA's 2005 IDEA Winners

    July 22, 8:38 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    A respondent to our new survey must be a longtime reader, because they requested the return of the long neglected TH Top Five. Maybe this will mollify them somewhat. A while back the Industrial Designer's Society of America (IDSA) unveiled the winners

  • frugal-logo-01.jpg

    Frugal For Life - Simplify!

    July 22, 8:02 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Culture

    We often talk about efficiency in regard to cars, housing, energy production, etc. But what about being more efficient with our money? Keeping our finances in order and being eco-conscious are two very compatible things. Some may pejoratively call you

  • illustration_the_project.jpg

    Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

    July 22, 7:39 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    I thought of this as I reviewed the new website of 0footprint (pronounced zero


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