How a Stray Cat and Music Changed This Man's Outlook on Life

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Sarper Durman plays piano for one of his many cats. snapshot from video

Sarper Duman has become something of an internet sensation because of how cute his cats look when he plays the piano. As you can see in the video below, they're entranced by the music, and, in some cases, by him.

It took Duman a while to become a cat whisperer of sorts, including hitting a particularly low point in his life.

About 10 years ago, Duman was depressed by the state of the world, according to a Facebook video profile conducted by Alyne Tamir. Duman was so depressed that he attempted suicide by jumping off the building where he lived at the time. He survived the attempt but ended up with a broken back. The road to recovery from the injury was long and all the while, Duman remained depressed. "This was not a world worth living in," he told Tamir at the time.

About a year later, still with a broken back, Duman's father took him to a local park in Istanbul in an effort to boost his spirits. Duman, however, could do little more than stare up at the sky. It was at this point that his life and his perspective changed. A stray cat ignored all the other people in the park and made its way straight for Duman. This visit from a stray helped Duman smile and made him realize that he, and the stray cats of the city, had something in common.

You save me, I'll save you

Once Duman was fully recovered, he began adopting street cats, no matter their condition. Blind, starving, maimed, they were all welcomed in Duman's home. He now has 19 cats in his charge now, giving him a purpose in life along with furry cuddles. To help support himself and the cats, he began teaching piano. When a student asked him to teach him how to play a particular piece, he recorded himself playing it — and the appreciation of his feline friends on display — and posted it to his Instagram.

He woke up the next day thinking his account had been hacked due to the sudden influx of followers. But it was all good — his video had inspired a number of new people to follow him. Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres shared his video, furthering his internet fame.

Now Duman routinely shares his videos on YouTube and on Instagram, where you can see he and his many cats just relaxing while he plays some sweet tunes on the keyboard.