You Don't Need Expanding Thanksgiving Pants

Stove Top's Thanksgiving Dinner Pants. (Photo: NBC 26/YouTube)

Many of us can embrace the idea of a comfortable waistband on Thanksgiving Day — and Stove Top is betting on it with this tongue-in-cheek offering: stretchy Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.

But let's be honest: They're gimmicky. They even come with a pre-approved #thanksgivingdinnerpants hashtag — often the mark of a successful social media marketing campaign and buying frenzy. Except no one can currently purchase these Thanksgiving Dinner Pants. They've already sold out.

But in case another batch of pants becomes available (or you decide to create your own) here are seven reasons to restrain yourself from buying them:

  1. They're a gimmick.
  2. They're ugly.
  3. You probably own much more attractive joggers or yoga pants that serve the same purpose.
  4. Foldover waistbands never stay folded over. You'll spend the entire day fixing your waistband. A waistband that looks like stuffing. You're better than this!
  5. The video makes a big deal out of them being "designed in the USA" but says nothing about them being made in the USA. There's no way to know if these pants were made using fair labor or not.
  6. Instead of spending $19.99 on these pants, why not spend it on a cash donation to a food bank?
  7. Joey Tribbiani of "Friends" may come and take away your pants.
Friends' Joey wearing stretching Thanksgiving pants
Joey from the hit TV show "Friends" wearing stretchy Thanksgiving pants!.