Sting's Limited Edition Guitar

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Back in 1999, Martin Guitar Company designed two guitars called the Limited Edition Certified Wood Sting Signature models. These guitars were designed for Sting himself, in recognition of his long and successful career, in addition to his long-standing commitment to the environment. More than 70% of the wood utilized in the construction of each of these models is harvested from forests independently certified by the Rainforest Alliance's "SmartWood" program and Scientific Certification Systems, both of which operate in accordance with the rules of the industry's governing body, The Forest Stewardship Council. Most recently, Martin Guitar Company introduced a smaller acoustic guitar, which Sting has not only enjoyed but also wrote a few hits with. Called "The Sting: Mini Signature Edition", Sting asked that this guitar be built with tonewoods managed and harvested with forest preservation in mind. Like the original, 77% of the wood utilized in the construction of the Mini also originated in forests managed in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. In addition, the guitar utilizes spruce braces from reclaimed sources constituting 8.4% of the utilized wood. Only 100 of the Mini guitars were made and each carries two labels: one with a Signature Edition signed by Sting and Martin Chairman C.F. Martin IV and the other a Sustainable Wood Series label that explains the wood content percentage. Via ::Sustainable Style Foundation ::Martin Guitar Company