Start Your Own Green Business

Organic food for restaurants is a hot business idea. (Photo: [CC BY-2.0]/Flickr)

Green entrepreneurialism. I’d say that the trend would help grow the nation’s green economy. If you have an entrepreneurial nature and are interested in your effect on the environment, Fast Company has a list of almost 200 green business ideas. Some are low-cost and easy to start while others require quite a bit of thought plus a financial injection.

The ninth entry is Boutique Organic Food for Restaurants. Purchase a few acres of land, obtain organic certification, and grow food for the neighborhood locavore-loving restaurant. Farming has already been declared the hottest green job for the next decade by the magazine and while a five-acre farm isn’t monstrous, it is the type of farming that will help replace today’s aging farmer population.

The Fast Company list also discusses the growing trend of reusable shopping bags. MNN’s own Keri Greenwald has experience in this industry. On her website, Responsible Mommy, she sells reusable grocery totes and other reusable items. She not only sells these eco-conscious products but she partners with schools for fundraising projects.

This leads to another green business on the list, Green Schools and Education. “Really this opens up hundreds of entrepreneurial possibilities in and of itself, from energy efficiency to curriculum writing, to green job training vocational schools, being a school district vendor of organic foods for the cafeteria just let your imagination run wild.” Source: Fast Company

If you like autos, consider opening a car-sharing service, start a green taxi service, start your own green auto-cleaning product line, or set up electric vehicle battery-charging stations in areas with a high concentration of EVs (think golf communities).

The ideas that Meredith Gossland came up with for the Fast Company list are fantastic. Some require post-graduate degrees while others are perfect for high school graduates with the drive to make it in a self-employed, green career.

Read the entire list on Meredith Gossland's website, 200 Green Business Ideas.