Stark Drive Launches $400 Full-Size Folding Electric Bike

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For those who have been holding off on purchasing an e-bike until the prices come down, Stark Drive might just have broken the cost barrier.

{{Editor's note: According to Indiegogo as of February 22, "Stark Drive Electric Bike is under review by the Trust & Safety team. Check back later or contact us if you have concerns." The plot thickens; we'll keep you posted as we find out more.}}

If you'd love to be able to bike more places, more often, without being held back by being out of shape and wheezing through the effort of climbing hills and arriving to work or the market all sweaty and out of breath, then an e-bike is just the ticket. And the large number of electric bikes on the market right now offers buyers a lot of variety, ranging from the high-end e-bikes that can cost as much as a used car, to basic models that are priced right in line with quality new conventional bikes, which means that no matter what your e-bike intentions are, you'll be able to get in the saddle of one that fits your needs.

A brand new entry into the e-bike market promises to deliver a high-quality full-sized electric ride that also folds up to fit trunks, public transit options, and storage areas, all for an affordable price. The Stark Drive electric bike, which just launched on Indiegogo but has already almost quadrupled its crowdfunding goal, looks to be an incredible value to backers of the campaign, while also coming in at a good price at full retail cost. The early bird option on Indiegogo is $399, but only a few are left, while there are still plenty of bikes available at a bit higher of a cost.

Stark Drive, which is based in Stockholm, is offering its folding electric bike in a variety of configurations, including ones with a more powerful motor (standard is 250W, but 350W and 500W motors are available), upgraded battery packs (standard is 9Ah, upgradable to 13Ah or 17Ah), rear shocks, GPS tracking, rear suspension, fenders, and more. Standard on the bikes are an aluminum frame, front suspension, 21-speed Shimano gearing, a removable in-frame 36V Panasonic battery pack, a horn and front LED light, a locking feature, a USB charging port for portable electronics, a back-lit handlebar display, and disc brakes. The bikes roll on 26" tires, weigh in at about 46 pounds (with battery), and can fold up "compact enough to fit even the smallest of Swedish elevators at the flip of a switch."

Stark Drive folding electric bike

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Charging time and range are dependent on the battery capacity and motor choice, but the basic model is said to be capable of speeds up to 20 mph without pedaling and "travel up to 65 miles / 100 km on just a single charge" with the 250W motor, and up to 120 km with the 17Ah battery. The one caveat for purchasing a Stark Drive e-bike is the estimated $200 shipping charge, which is in addition to the purchase price as it is with many heavy items that come from overseas (the bikes are manufactured in China). Find out more at the website.