Starbucks Raises Quality of Food, Not Prices

Starbucks is revamping its menu and scaling back on the sweets. (Photo: Nico Kaiser [CC BY SA-2.0]/Flickr)

Did you know that the number one selling food item at Starbucks is oatmeal? No? Me neither. According to Reuters, which reports that Starbucks is revamping its food menu at the end of this month, oatmeal sells better than the muffins, scones or brownies at the coffee chain.

If people are passing up the baked goods for oatmeal, Starbucks has realized that the demand for healthy foods is on the rise. They are unveiling a new food menu that will be about 90% revamped. The tag line for the new campaign is “Real Food. Simply Delicious.”

What will be new?

  • Baked goods will no longer have high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or artificial dyes
  • Preservatives will be removed wherever possible
  • Salads will be introduced
  • Reworked baked goods, including a Banana Walnut Bread made from 11 ingredients -- a number closer to homemade
  • A reduced-fat Very Berry Coffee Cake that is 20 percent fruit
  • An organic blueberry bar that was previously available only in the Pacific Northwest
  • Indulgent treats like oatmeal cookies, double chocolate cookies and brownies will be reformulated
  • Breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites

Higher prices. Starbucks is choosing not to raise the prices on these new healthier foods -- a smart move in this economy.

This isn’t Starbucks' first go at making their products healthier. In past years they have moved from whole milk to 2% milk, switched to hormone free milk, and removed trans-fats from their products.