Stair of the Week Is a Loft Bed in Singapore Hotel

©. Hotel Mono

Sometimes you wonder what they were thinking.

Thanks to our tiny house obsession, we spend a lot of time on TreeHugger discussing loft beds and the stairs or ladders that get you to them. I have come to conclude that people, particularly as they get older, tend to want to sleep on the same floor as the bathroom, and that even proper stairs with handrails can be dangerous in the dark with tired or drunk people. So I was amused to see this loft bed in a trendy monochromatic hotel in Singapore, the Hotel Mono.

hotel mono stair closeup

© Hotel MonoThe odd thing about this is that the room appears more than large enough to accommodate a conventional bed at 35m2 (377 square feet, bigger than many apartments we have shown) and in fact is family-friendly with both a king and a queen sized bed in the room. But the loft still appears to be more sculptural than practical, given that there is not much under it.

hotel mono loft

© Hotel Mono

We write a lot about stairs because they are great exercise and run on human rather than electric power, and wish every building had beautiful and attractive stairs that were inviting for users. But I am not sure about this one...

facade hotel mono

© Hotel Mono

Nice looking hotel, though. More at Hotel Mono, via Materialicious.