Stair of the Week Stores a Ton of Art, Leads to Gorgeous New Garret

©. James Morris for Syte Architects via Designboom

Syte Architects insert a mezzanine and a terrific storage stair in existing loft.

Artist Ben Pulsford has had a nice place to work for the last twenty years, but needed storage for his art and some additional space. He is not quite the solitary genius starving in a cold garret; Syte Architects slipped a lovely mezzanine in and built a very nice storage stair underneath. The architects describe it:

The new staircase was conceived to be an integral part of the large storage unit and read as one entity. The spacing of staircase treads established a module which formed the rhythm of the whole storage unit. These developed into a series of vertical fins that could be inhabited in various ways for the storage of paintings and materials. Double depth storage is available under the first flight, slimming to a single depth under the upper flight. The entire storage unit is constructed from birch-faced plywood.
storage closeup

© James Morris for Syte Architects via Designboom

The mezzanine has a clever feature that deals with a problem designers often have in attic spaces: how to deal with the space where the roof meets the floor. Often they just put up knee walls; here, the architects have floated the mezzanine away from the walls, either open or with glass to below. It really does, as the architect suggests, "maintain the sense of openness."

mezzanine on greville road

© James Morris for Syte Architects via Designboom

It's quite the studio; even with the mezzanine, it is two full flights, 25 risers, from floor to floor. But the new space upstairs looks like it is worth the climb. Lots more photos on Designboom.

section through unit

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