200 Square Foot NY Apartment Makes LifeEdited Look Like a Palace

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Malena Georgieva manages to survive in 200 square feet, smaller than most hotel rooms. And while it is unlikely that she can serve a dinner for twelve as Graham wants to in the LifeEdited program, it is cozy and according to Fred Bernstein in the New York Times, it comes complete with a bed, a desk, a dining table and a couple of swivel chairs. It was done on the cheap too, she claims for $1500 total.

Like Graham, Malena wanted a bed for guests; her approach is clever, putting the spare mattress beside the bed so that it acts as a bolster. I would have put it at the head; it would have made for very comfortable reading in bed.

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Malena gives the exact breakdown of her purchases on her website, along with more photographs. I'd hoped that she would straighten the mirror before the New York Times photoshoot (slideshow here) but alas, she didn't. Oh wait, there is a reason:

She hung another mirror at an angle on the wall, so that it would disrupt the boxy lines of the apartment and send light from the lone window across the room. Below that mirror is a tiny dining table that can seat four, using two stools from Overstock.com and a bench she created by putting an upholstered board on top of a rarely used radiator.

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