Spooniverse Comics Is a Kid-Friendly Saga Packed with Superheros and Yummy Food

Kids will start cooking, while learning about important food issues.

Spooniverse superheroes

Spooniverse Comics (via Facebook)

Getting kids interested in cooking can be a challenge, but Spooniverse Comics has come to the rescue! This brand new comic book series, created by vegan/vegetarian food blogger and YouTuber Jerry James Stone, is packed full of action, recipes, and fun food facts. 

Its goal is to entertain children with the usual exciting superhero action that fills the pages of comic books, while informing them about important food-related issues, such as waste, sustainability, and large-scale agriculture, and giving them recipes they'll want to try.

The storyline in Spooniverse Comics starts in a futuristic America, in the year 2073, when the country is in the midst of a global food crisis that's been worsening for decades, thanks to climate change, over-industrialized food production, and corporate corruption; it is now on the verge of collapse. From the website:

"Our worst fears have come true! But a scientific breakthrough offers a glimmer of hope and with the help of the U.S. government, a scrappy band of unlikely heroes is formed. Their mission takes them on a galactic adventure throughout the universe in an attempt to save the day. Along the way they discover new planets, new people, and new foods."

Stone told Treehugger that his decade of food writing has familiarized him with what people struggle with most when it comes to cooking. There's clearly a strong desire to minimize waste and eat in a way that's less harmful to the Earth. He said,

"My YouTube channel has always tried to help solve this, outside of tasty vegan and vegetarian recipes. I saw the fruit of this labor at the beginning of the pandemic, where my food storage tips had me trending on Twitter. I gained 15,000 new Twitter followers and 22,000 new YouTube subscribers in a day."

Now Stone hopes to reach a younger audience – the up and coming generation of home cooks that will, unfortunately, have to deal with the fallout from the unsustainable agriculture system prior generations have built over the past half-century. He hopes to "help them learn about cooking, food storage, and food waste, but also the many issues facing food, like climate change, industrial agriculture, etc."

There's something eternally irresistible about the comic book structure, and it's an excellent way to draw kids into a topic that might otherwise seem daunting. Stone said, 

"I grew up reading comics and still do. I wanted to use a medium that kids could enjoy over and over. While Spooniverse is mission-driven, it is a comic book first. The narrative is about food and all the issues around food, but it is a legit comic book. The recipes, food hacks, and non-comic book content all tie into the story."

Spooniverse Comics will be published in seasons that contain three issues each. So far chapter (or "issue") 1 of the first season, titled "Best Frenemies Forever: The First Time We Met Again," has been published. It's now available for digital or print purchase online and features mouthwatering, kid-friendly recipes for "BDG" (The Best Darn Guac), Joey's Tu-NAH Salad Sammy (made with chickpeas), and Veggie Roll-Ups, as well as some clever food storage tips and facts about produce grown in California.

Spooniverse tu-NAH salad recipe

Spooniverse Comics

Issues #2 and #3 will be released in April and August 2021. Stone said the goal is to release three issues (a full season) every year, and eventually become a monthly comic book that could "even explore other genres within the comic book industry and tie them to food." 

Spooniverse Comics is a great idea that appeals to us here at Treehugger. The more kids learn about the current unsustainable food production system and the importance of home-cooked food, the more likely they are to care about it going forward and fight to improve it. 

Learn more at Spooniverse Comics.