Solaris Watch Concept Brings Solar Power to High End Fashion

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Image via YouTube screengrab

Designer Olivier Demangel has come up with a concept watch most any tech geek would be drooling over. It is a solar powered watch that makes the solar cell part of the stylish design. The minute solar cell is placed right in the middle of a clear display that also tells the time in a most unique way. Check out a video of the concept after the jump.

Shown off at Yanko Design, the solar cell is quite small, which means it needs to be fairly efficient, and that would bring up the cost of the watch. However, for a watch that looks as slick as this, the cost would likely be fairly high anyway.

If you're hunting for a stylish solar watch and don't want to wait for this one to be made, Casio has an interesting one called G-Shock out on the market, which they showed off at CES last month.

g-shock watch photo

Photo via Jaymi Heimbuch