Solar, Wind & Gardening Toys by Imaginarium

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The 3 Rs of eco design have become an inspiring concept for designers. There’s 3R Living, the R3project, the R4House and the Spanish toy company Imaginarium who have created their latest products around Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
Imaginarium are the sky blue stores with the little entrance door for little people in Europe as well as South and Central America, and Asia. They have strong social values integrated into their designs such as growing up happily (with love, security, attention, respect and health), switching the telly off and the imagination on, teaching good manners and loving the Earth as ones home.
Biohabitat 3r is a unique book for children between 4 and 8 that tells in a surprisingly fun way how to take care of our planet by following the 3 Rs. Fun illustrations, activities and startling information raise awareness, stimulate creativity and most importantly are fun. The book is fully recyclable, costs €7 and will be available soon.
Apart from the book, the following cool tools have been designed for kids to learn about saving energy and recycling materials. Six different alternative energy toys will be available in their shops and online, each one opting for a different energy source. There’s the e energy manual which is a hand-powered mechanic generator to connect your battery charger. The idea is that kids charge their own batteries they might be using in other toys and learn to reuse them by respecting the environment and creating their own renewable energy.
In the same way works the e energy solar, a cute child-friendly mini solar panel that also charges batteries. This one like the others is about the basic laws of nature: ‘energy doesn’t get created nor does it get destroyed, it only transforms itself’.
Not underestimating wind power, the final charger is e energy wind, an aero generator which looks like a big friendly flower (39 x 48,5 x 19cm).
The fun part is connecting all three chargers (hand-, solar- and wind-powered) together to optimise the charging time. On a screen, the energy you produce is visualised in order to understand the effort and time it takes to produce energy and to make you aware of how fast you use it up. All three products are supposedly recyclable although it doesn’t specify materials yet. Each e energy costs €25 and all are recommended for children aged 5 and above.
Last in the series of energy saving toys is the e energy light for kids aged 3 and older. This torch consist of 5 LEDs, a wind-up dynamo, an energy indicator and an alarm for emergencies. They say that 10 seconds of winding-up the torch gives you 10 minutes of light. The idea again is for kids to learn that they can be auto-sufficient.

Although these toys look like fun, the following two about recycling resources are definitely my favourites. The first one is the bio farm for kids between 3 and 8 years old. It is basically a portable seedbed for up to 12 plants with integrated greenhouse and all the gardening tools you need. It also comes with a little book about how to plant trees from the fruit you eat at home, tips on gardening, storage bags for your seeds and a calendar with the sowing seasons. The kit is made from PP, metal and card and is fully recyclable. It’s available in the Imaginarium stores for €19. (If you are looking for a grown-up version of this, check out the Leopoldo City Vegetable Garden!)
The last concept Imaginarium tackles is that of recycling paper. Bio paper is a board game in the shape of a book for the whole family. The objective of the game is to recycle all the paper at home and find new creative ways of using this material. It’s available for €19 and has been designed for children aged 7 and above.<br/>Via ::Construible ::Imaginarium