You've got SOUL — not just a Solar Oven

You might think it’s still quite a hassle to cook with the sun but for some motivated people here in Barcelona it was a real joy to get together and build 100 SOUL solar ovens last weekend to promote solar cooking and fight climate change. The workshop was organised by the Foundation Terra with the direct collaboration of the Centre for Solar Cooking of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Their objectives are teaching how to profit from renewable energy, spreading the use of this simple but effective piece of technology and of course explaining how to use the SOUL solar oven to get something on your plates.

Dr Michael Götz (the man behind much more than just the only solar crêperie on wheels) redesigned the classic wooden box solar oven in order to make it more efficient, more practical and lighter (from 9.5kg to 5kg). SOUL= Sun | Oven | Ultra | Light. The oven now consists of light and insulating materials, is portable, durable and designed to cook and heat up food and drinks. It can reach a temperature of 100° to 130°, available in blue and red and costs around €180. Michael has set up a production line in Switzerland for solar oven kits that not only makes the different parts from local natural or recycled materials, but also creates work opportunities for disadvantaged and unemployed people. All this makes SOUL a true piece of eco design for those of you who like to celebrate the Slow Food Movement, go camping or love DIY and cooking. ‘Getting closer to solar cooking’ as suggests this sustainable technology workshop, ‘is on one hand a supporting action for villages with no or little energy sources, and on the other hand a direct approach towards the enormous possibilities to creating energy with the sun.’ If you want to organise a SOUL solar oven workshop, contact Michael Götz. :: Fundació Terra :: Centre de Cuisine Solaire de Neuchâtel

Mid July, the Foundation Terra also organises the International Solar Conference in Granada, Spain. More about that next time!

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