World's First Integrated Solar Power + Power Storage Panel Launched in India

Available details are slightly incomplete on this (hence the generic photo of the sun over fishing nets above...), but a variety of Indian news sources are reporting that at the Nanosolar 2012 conference in Kerala, India, the Amrita Centre for Nanosciences has launched the world's first solar panel integrated with power storage using a supercapacitor.

Dubbed the Amrita Smart, the "integrated power storage tile" weighs in at 200g, and when exposed to the sun for 4 hours can go on to charge a laptop or phone in two hours, along with energy storage of up to 7 days (30 days in one account...). The possibility of developing these into solar roof tiles, which can be installed so that they blend into existing roof lines, was also put forth. quotes Shantikumar Nair, one of the lead researchers on the project:

We have used available solar cells and supercapacitors, and have to streamline the whole thing. It will be manufactured with thin-film super capacitors and carbon frame. We hope to launch in worldwide within a year.

If we can dig up anymore on the Amrita Smart we'll share it.

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