World's Largest Solar Project for Nevada Military Base


Recall how in July ‘05 when we profiled Sunedison for offering a Product Service System (PSS) in solar power? Probably not, but tipster Chris L might’ve, because he pointed us to news that the company has now partnered with Powered by Renewables (PBR) to develop the “world’s largest solar photovoltaic project. As the press release states this 18 megawatt (MW) project will almost double the current largest array of 10MW in Germany. This new installation will be built in Nevada to provide energy to a military base, though according to an informative story at, it is known yet which facility this will be. The plant will be concentrated in one site and take up several square miles. The general press release also mentions that Nevada plans to be energy independent by 2020 with PBR and and SunEdison also involved in projects that will total 36MW - equivalent to the power needed by 36,000 houses. ::PR News Wire.