Why Solar is a Life Saver in Developing Countries (Video)

solar aid kenya photo

Image credit: SolarAid

From the launch of SolarAid through to massive expansion of its promotion of solar in developing countries, there's no doubt that this UK-based charity is changing countless lives. But they are doing more than that—they are providing a model for how development aid should work, and how that aid should be communicated too. The video below the fold is the perfect example of how integrity, innovation, transparency and a respect for the people you work with (or for) should be a vital part of charitable work. As I've said before, SolarAid's focus on fostering and developing micro-entrepreneurs and new markets in the communities where it works is key to the team's success. This is not about hand outs or dependency, it's about kick-starting industries that can help light the way for a cleaner, more positive development path for Africa and beyond.

From cell phones to off-grid power, rural Africa is full of innovative, resourceful people meeting their needs with imagination and tenacity. SolarAid's vision centers on putting tools in these folks' hands to help them do so as efficiently and cleanly as possible. As someone who works in communications, I am also delighted to see that it also centers on giving folks the space to tell their own story.

SolarAid - Where donations go - Bob Kokonya from Brad Bell on Vimeo.

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