Who Says Solar is Hurting? SCHOTT Solar Now Hiring

SCHOTT Solar PV Manufacturing in New Mexico Photo

Workers in PV Manufacturing at the new SCHOTT Solar facility in Albuquerque. Image via: SCHOTT Solar

When SCHOTT Solar opened their manufacturing facility just nine months ago, and during these tough times, who knew they would be doubling the number of manufacturing shifts and hiring 60 more staff? And, at the same time, expanding their marketing and sales teams on the east coast and west coast. Here's a few more ideas on how to get a green solar job, even if you can't land one as a solar tech.Nine months ago when the SCHOTT Solar manufacturing facility launched into production at their flagship facility in Albuquerque, NM, they were only running two shifts. Now, nine months later, they have expanded to four shifts, hiring 60 more people, and essentially running their facility 24/7. Since November, the facility has hired 10 new people a week on average to help ramp up staff to keep up with production and bring them to full staffing size of 160. Most of the new staff has come from the staffing agency Manpower.

Positions available include(d) PV Production Technicians, Materials Handlers and Tech Services/Facility Technicians. Other new positions include sales and marketing on both the east and west coasts. If you're interested in a job in solar, we've offered a few articles on how to prepare yourself and what to know about a job in renewable energy, including a day in the life of a solar installer, solar in the developed vs developing world, solar job training on the rise, and jobs as more than just a solar tech. If you're interested in getting into renewable energy, consider something outside of the box - like working for a panel manufacturer, a panel maintenance/washer or some other related field. There are new ones popping up all the time.

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