Weird Solar Device of the Day - Cooladio Solar Cooler

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Image via Sports Authority

Making the rounds on the gadget blogs is this odd little solar powered cooler. The funny thing is, there's nothing exactly special about it, but you'll never guess the price point. The Cooladio Solar Cooler is, well, just a cooler. It doesn't actually keep your food cool or warm via solar power. Instead, it embodies the current trend to slap a solar cell on practically anything and say it's solar powered. The minuscule solar cell probably can't charge much of anything, though you can certainly try plugging in your MP3 player, which you'll probably want to do considering the makers have built in two speakers (that must be where the "-adio" part of the name comes from).

So, what might you pay for a regular old cooler that has two little speakers and a tiny solar cell with which to attempt to partially charge a gadget? Put a number in your head...

The Cooladio is selling for a whopping $85 at Sports Authority.

We have an idea for an even greener cooler - hack your own! Take your existing cooler, make up one of these handy solar chargers from cheap scrap materials, whip up a pair of these cheap speakers from paper cups, and Voila! The same thing for about $10. And yours will undoubtedly turn more heads and give you some green geek cred.

Via Ubergizmo
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