Walgreens Plans 130 Solar-powered Stores Nationwide

via internet science tech

With research showing the installed cost of solar dropping 11% in just 6 months, it's little wonder that corporations like Wal-Mart are ramping up their plans to go solar aggressively. Walgreens made headline back in 2006 for its commitment to solar, but that commitment to solar has only continued. Now the company has just installed its 100th solar installation, with plans to bring its nationwide total to 130 partially solar-powered stores by the end of the year:

The company is looking forward to complete over 130 solar roof top installations before the end of the current year leading the table among the retail companies with solar installation. The rooftop installations nearly offset 15 to 20 % of its energy usage. In 20 counties of the Ohio state, the company has completed over 53 installations thus becoming the single largest solar power user in the state.

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