Visible Light Solar Combines Solar With LEDs For Big Savings

Solar LED Lighting by Visible Light Solar Photo
Makes sense to combine technologies like solar with LED to get the greatest bang for the buck, which is exactly what Visible Light Solar is doing. Even if the lighting works for unsexy things like exterior building lights around business parks, saving up to 85% on your energy usage sounds pretty sexy indeed.While there are other solar/LED integrated systems, Visible Light Solar is the first to offer the combination of solar/LED, with retrofit capabilities for existing systems as well as a highly programmable product. In addition, each fixture is individually programmable instead of having to program groupings of fixtures together. Why would you want individual programmability? Well it allows the facility manager the ability to
"program illumination levels for each fixture based on clock time, motion detection, ambient light levels, temperature and solar storage availability thereby increasing business' ability to provide enhanced security for their customers and raise and lower illumination levels as needed in order to reap energy savings."

The Visible Light Solar system is also different because it doesn't involve installing new lights, which means it's great for upgrading existing systems in order to save energy and money. One application at Bosque School (New Mexico) showed significant savings. Prior to installation, the school was using an estimated 25,000 Kw a year on exterior lighting. After installation, the school noticed they used only 920 Kw a year, just by switching out 30 lights. Current systems with energy-inefficient, maintenance intensive, metal halide and/or mercury vapor lights can all be changed out, while still using all of the same poles and wiring. All old lighting, especially mercury-containing lighting will be recycled by Visible Light Solar.

All Visible Light Solar installations use solar to power the LEDs, pretty smart, but they are also still connected to the grid so for cloudy regions, these areas don't have to be "in the dark." Parking garages, bay door lighting, street light and even bollards can be retrofitted to use solar/LED lights. You can find out more about Visible Light Solar online.

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