Villager Sun Oven: Break Out The Big (Solar) Guns

There are those of us who barbecue on Sundays, or bake bread for the week, or for a special occasion. And for most of us, our climate, and the extra hassle might make using a solar cooker just a little more of a project than we're prepared for. But, for those of us who run a little business roasting barbecuing at the state fair, or selling baked goods at a farmer's market, the Villager Sun Oven might be a viable option. Plus, it looks like a Martian death ray!...All joking aside, the Sun Oven's potential is amazing. According to the company's website:

Each VILLAGER SUN OVEN® when utilized as a Sun Bakery can save over 150 tons of wood annually which results in the reduction of 277 tons of CO2 green house gas emissions annually.

Of course, a major stumbling block of any solar oven infrastructure is the tempermentality of the sun. So, the Villager includes a propane backup which can run in addition to any solar heat you can gather; Even a little free heat is better than none. The oven can reach temperatures in excess of 500° F -- hot enough to bake bread, cook meat, fish, or even sterilize medical instruments (if that's your thing).

The oven is available through Sun Ovens International, but is not currently sold retail in the US or Europe. Seriously interested parties should contact Sun Oven through their site. :: Villager Sun Oven