Venice Welcomes First Solar-Powered Vaporetto

Venice recently welcomed a new solar-powered vaporetto to the Grand Canal. Owned and operated by the Bauer Hotel Group, the B mare shuttle boat is powered by solar energy collected on the roof of the boat. The vaporetto is not only emission free, it is also very quiet and does not produce troublesome waves - each of which are important issues on the Venetian canals. According to Family Travel Forum the "components of the shuttle boat require no external lubrication, do not have combustible parts and require no battery maintenance besides a change of battery once every seven years."

Among the places in the world that will experience a major impact from global warming, Venice may be the leading candidate for most threatened. The rise in water levels would cause unfathomable damage to the delicate city. Our hats off to B mare developers Posidonia Srl and MW-Line SA for bringing this CO2 emission-free transport to the canals of Venice.