Velankani Group to Build $3.2 Billion Silicon Manufacturing Complex in India

Visakhapatnam Aerial photo

Aerial view of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, site of Velankani Renewable Group’s new manufacturing complex. Photo via Wikipedia.

A well-timed announcement can be a thing of beauty. Just days after Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh said that solar energy would be a key point in his new climate plan, Bangalore-based Velankani Group announces that it will be constructing a new manufacturing complex for silicon compounds and solar cells.

Plant to be Built in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Visakhapatnam, located on India’s eastern coast in the state of Andhra Pradesh, will be the site of Velankani’s new 150 acre facility. The cost of this new plant is expected to be almost INR 140bn (US$ 3.2bn) and will create 10,000 new jobs. Velankani’s subsidiary firm, Velankani Renewable Group will be in charge of the facility.

Construction is scheduled to begin in August, and is expected to take seven years to fully complete. At the end of this time the facility will have the capacity to produce 500 million silicon wafers, 1.5 GW of photovoltaic cells, and 1.5 GW of photovoltaic modules per year. The facility's first silicon products are expected to begin entering the market in October 2009.

Kind of makes yesterday’s news about Ausra’s new factory in Las Vegas seem puny in comparison, as indirect as that comparison may be.

via :: MSN India
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