US Virgin Islands to go Solar

Because of soaring oil prices, the lucky residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are encouraged to switch to solar power. At the present time, the islands burn oil that they import from St. Croix to generate electricity, so on average the utility bill of a Virgin-Islander (how do you call these people anyway?) rose by 3.7% this month. The situation has lead to widespread abuse, with people bypassing their water and electricity meters, creating a deficit for the utility company. Is this a vision of the future for other parts of the world?

"Home owners and businesses could save millions by drawing on the U.S. Caribbean territory's sunny skies to make their own electricity. Consumers could buy and install solar panels with help from government loans and grants and sell excess energy to the government," a very un-Enronesque recommendation by Alberto Bruno-Vega, who heads the power authority.

One thing is certain, a change is needed because the utility company threatened to cut off water and electricity for new schools and health clinics unless the government finishes paying its debts to the utility. ::ENN

[by MGR]