Update: Cooler Planet Says (Despite Recession) 35,000 Americans Want Solar

More solar energy information.

In 2008, Cooler Planet brought us the extremely useful interactive map that mashed up solar installations in California with tons of stats and figures. In 2009, Cooler Planet brings us an updated solar map that now covers the entire United States and includes interest in solar, not just installations.The map is in real-time, so it's updated regularly with new inquiries for solar, plus the site has tons of useful facts and figures, like how to lease solar panels on your roof and the top 10 solar friendly states. Not everyone is a perfect candidate for solar (some roofs just work better than others) and Cooler Planet has some tips to help you figure out whether you'd really get a bang for your solar buck by installing a system.

Data for the map comes from people who click on the Cooler Planet site requesting information on an installation. States like Colorado, Massachusetts and California all have lots of hits because those states have rebate programs that can pay up to half for the system. The map itself is helpful in telling which states have citizens interested in solar and which are encouraging their citizens to go solar.

Cooler Planet doesn't just provide the data on solar, they also provide the resources to get solar on your roof. After checking out their site, you can also click on links to "Find Installers" plus get the basics like "How Do Solar Panels Work" and "Solar Energy Rebates."
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