UK Solar Capacity Grows 900% in 18 Months

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Renewables may get a fraction of the government support that nuclear did in the beginning, but that doesn't mean that the support isn't working. Take the example of the UK, for instance. I already had anecdotal evidence of a solar boom with my parents, brother and many of their neighbors going solar on the back of tumbling prices and significant feed-in tariff subsidies. New figures would seem to confirm the anecdotes, with Energy Matters reporting that UK solar capacity grew a staggering 900% in just 18 months:

According to figures released by energy and environmental consultancy firm AEA, solar power is shining through an otherwise gloomy economic forecast for the UK's economy. Solar panels now account for nearly 75% of the capacity of renewable installations in the UK claiming the feed in tariff, a trend that looks set to continue even after an early reduction in support levels for large scale solar.

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