UK Scheme's 100th School Solar Installation Complete

Solar4Schools offers free solar panels to UK schools photo

Not long ago UK-based Solarcentury completed the 50th installation in the innovative Solar4Schools initiative, which has received huge report from the Co-operative supermarket chain. Now they've announced that they've just finished their 100th installation — and judging by the photo above, the kids are pretty excited. But while 100 solar installations in schools is impressive, it's a figure dwarfed by the scale of problems caused by the rest of our energy infrastructure - problems that kids in particular will spend much of their lives sorting out. So it's particularly encouraging to see that The Co-operative and Solarcentury are not resting on their laurels, instead calling on the government to install solar on every school in the country — and the Co-op is backing that challenge up with a pledge of a further £1m (US$2m) to support renewable energy in schools. This from Derry Newmann, CEO of Solarcentury:" "The 100th project completed by Solarcentury and the Co-operative represents an important milestone in education here in the UK, proving that private partnerships can get clean energy into schools quickly. Schools are great candidates for solar energy, not least because they are mainly occupied during the day when the solar systems are producing their highest output - and - more significantly, if children growing up see solar energy working and powering their school, the next generation will grow-up believing renewable energy is the norm rather than an exception."

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