Traditional Medicinals Opens Up World's Biggest Solar Powered Tea Factory

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Traditional Medicinal's tea facility; photo via Traditional Medicinal

In a very cool continuation of using the sun to create the world's most consumed beverage, Traditional Medicinals took a giant leap forward and has completed an installation that makes it the world's largest solar powered tea factory.

Traditional Medicinals has always tried to be green – and we don’t just mean in their tea selection. For quite awhile now, they’ve used wind credits to offset their electricity use. But they wanted to do something a little more direct. So, they undertook a massive solar power installation project.

The sun grows tea, then the sun is used to process it. Very cool. But just how much sun power is needed to run an operation like this? Traditional Medicinal didn’t mess around with putting up solar panels here and there to help with electricity use. Nope, they went whole hog and teamed up with Akeena Solar to install 1,450 solar panels to run their 70,000 square foot factory and headquarters. In all, the array will generate some 430,000 kW hours every year of renewable energy.

Solar array at Traditional Medicinal's facility.

"Energy independence has been a long term goal at Traditional Medicinals" explains co-founder Drake Sadler. "Our company operates according to a set of ethical business principles and practices which embrace environmental stewardship, and advocate for social and cultural sustainability and preservation. Projects like this solar installation simply reflect our deep respect for the earth and humanity."

Progress In Sustainable Food
It makes sense that a company which bases its income on the health of the earth that produces its produce, would focus on being sustainable and clean. It’d be lovely if other food manufacturers caught the renewable energy bug, though we have indeed seen a switch in niche areas like solar powered vineyards, and even solar-powered farming equipment.

Tea, as well as coffee and many other products, is already scrutinized for its sourcing. Ensuring that one is getting fair trade, organic leaves is important to consumers. To know that the leaves are also processed sustainably makes the drink that much sweeter.

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