The World's First Solar-Powered Scooter


Just unveiled last week, the Solarin Turtle is "the world's first solar-powered scooter," according to the company that developed it, Solarin Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd. While they might be right, we've seen at least one DIY version before; still, it's good news for anyone interested in saving gas and cutting down on emissions. Though it will be built in Malaysia, interest in the scooter around the world has been strong; China has already placed an order for 100,000 units. Details on the scooter remain a little incomplete (we can't even find a real picture of it), though it's reported to have a top speed of 55 mph (almost 90 km/h) and will also be rechargeable by thermal heat or electrical charge. The price has also yet to be determined, but, according to the company president, will not exceed RM3,000 (US$820). ::New Straits Times via ::Hugg