The Sexiest Solar iPhone Charger by Regen

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The sleek design of the Regen ReNu offers customers a solar panel charger, that looks like well a solar panel, but also looks like it would blend into the background of a modern, chic, loft apartment. Styled similar to many iProduct docking stations, the Regen ReNu can recharge a variety of electronic gadgets and get several charges off of one battery. But will it be available in time for the holiday rush?This smart solar charger, not only can charge a variety of different devices (iPhone, iPod or USB device) but it also alerts users to how much electricity they have generated, how much is currently stored in the battery and when a user needs to move the device to a window or sunny area to power up. The ReNu panels are designed to be placed to hung in sunlight and then dropped into a variety of different portals to charge rechargeable batteries, which then charge your gadgets. Aside from gadgets, you can also use the ReNu to charge phones and task lighting. The battery itself is holds enough charge to charge an iPhone twice, meaning that consumers will get more life out of a charge, rather than having to carefully orchestrate charging each item.

But will it come out in time for the holiday season? Unfortunately it looks like this handy gadget will just miss that deadline, with plans for the Regen Renu to come out after the first of the year 2010. This week the ReNu is being unveiled at the i-stage competition in Phoenix, one of 11 finalists chosen for the event. This is the first product for Regen Inc, which plans to merge more sleek designs with solar technology to make cutting-edge gadgets. Look for the ReNu iPhone Dock, ReNu Sound Dock and the ReNu Side Light all to come out next year.

The Regen ReNu is expected to retail at $199USD, plus the additional accessories. :Regen Renu :PR Newswire
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