The Largest Solar Energy Project in British Columbia Unveiled

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Photo: Mark Florence

A small community on Vancouver Island is undergoing of solar project of epic proportions. T'Sou-ke First Nation in Sooke on the southern end of Vancouver Island will be powering nearly 30 buildings with solar energy. Read on to learn how other communities like yours can utilize the power of the sun.The T'Sou-ke First Nation has launched a solar power project that will power its band office, fisheries building, canoe shed, and 25 homes on the reserve.T'Sou-ke Nation is installing solar panels to pre heat hot water and photovoltaic panels to create clean electricity to power potentially large savings as hydro prices spike, according to PEJ. The community trained nine residents in solar power installation so that they would be able to take on such a project.

Chief Gordon Planes of T'Sou-ke First Nation is heading up the project in an effort to show other communities and Canada as a whole how feasible a project of this magnitude can be.

"I guess you could say we're the new warriors. We're educating our young people to be able to take on this task and it takes a whole community to do that," he said.

And this isn't all that the T'Sou-ke First Nation has in store. Next up--the community is also looking at wind power and organic farming in the next steps of their economic and ecological evolution.

The new solar project was launched Friday July 17 at a forum on the reserve.

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