The Best Swag Bag EVER! PopTech Hands Out Solar FLAP Bags That Turn Into Lanterns

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If I didn't already have a solar bag from Voltaic, I'd be so jealous right now. Attendees at this year's PopTech received as their swag bag the FLAP - Flexible Light and Power. It's messenger bag with built in flexible solar cells that can charge up a mobile device, or power an LED in the bag, turning it into a lantern. It certainly sets a new standard for swag bags at events. How great is it to offer attendees not only a cool bag, but off grid charging capabilities too?! Check out how neat this bag is - it's far more than just fancy swag, it's a solution for off-grid lighting for impoverished people.

Timbuk2 and the Portable Light Project joined together to create a lighting solution for people living in areas without electricity. It's not just a bag that will charge up a cell phone. It is a bag that provides a light source for people who might not otherwise have access to lighting, let alone off-grid lighting.

Timbuk2 states, "Access to portable light means savings for families who would otherwise pace for rechargeable light sources - kerosene, charcoal, electricity, etc. Savings from portable light mean more room for education, medicine, and business efforts."

And Portable Light states, "More than 2 billion people live without electricity, most in extreme poverty. The Portable Light Project creates new ways to provide renewable power in solar textiles that can be adapted to meet the needs of people in different cultures and global regions. Portable Light textiles with flexible solar materials and solid state lighting enable the world's poorest people to create and own energy harvesting bags, blankets, and clothing using local materials and traditional weaving and sewing techniques in an open source model."

Timbuk2 Solar Bags at Daraja Academy from Mark Lukach on Vimeo.

The bags made by Timbuk2 are super durable, and accomplish the goal of providing a power source, and light source, for those who need it. Partnering with PopTech - a place for "world-changing people, projects and ideas" - is a great place to show off the innovation.

The partnership has been used to "engage the PopTech community in an open, collaborative social innovation project -- developing use cases, distribution strategies, and funding mechanisms, to bring the FLAP project to scale. FLAP prototypes were developed using an "open integration" approach based on the idea that people can co-create and adapt the ways FLAP bags are used to suit their needs." The flexible fabric can be charged up with the sun, then fashioned into a lantern for night time lighting.

PopTech FLAP bag introduction: a collaborative project with Portable Light Project and Timbuk2 from PopTech on Vimeo.

Inspirational, and flat out cool.

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