The Autonoma: Self-Powered Programmable Street Lighting

When we covered Ross Lovegrove’s solar tree concept the response was pretty incredible. However, Lovegrove isn’t the only one working on street lighting that is capable of generating its own power (other examples can be seen here, here and here) and now we’ve heard from Paris-based designer Mauricio Clavero who has introduced us to his design, known as Autonoma. Here’s what Mauricio had to say about it:

“This solar public lighting pole is totally autonomous and can be placed in any isolated area where electricity is not available. Built with power LEDs which offer lighting performance and energy saving it also can be programmed. It also includes a motion detector, so when a pedestrian comes close the light intensity of the pole raises to full power, and decreases to a third to save energy when there is nobody around. It comes in two versions : urban and country side.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any more information about the Autonoma on Mauricio’s website just yet, but we certainly like what we’ve seen so far. ::Mauricio Clavero:: via email::

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