Testing Solar Gear on Kilimanjaro


The New York Times asked a typical American family, the Tishmans (they own a few buildings in New York) to test some solar charging devices when they do what typical American families do when they climb Mount Kilimanjaro, namely take along iPods, cellpones and BlackBerries.

The Brunton Solo, shown above and TreeHugger here, in combination with its battery unit, was quicker to charge but "quite a lot heavier" than other units and said set-up was trickier.


The Solio Hybrid (Treehugger here on a different model) was the "lightest" and "most convenient" and was the family's favorite. It was "easiest to use," Mrs. Tishman said. Gabe Tishman carried the Solio during much of the climb, lauding its water-resistant design. Mr. Tishman termed it the "least powerful" but said that its ability to charge by day and recharge devices by night mitigated that factor.

Also along for the ride was the Soldius 1, shown on Treehugger way back in '05. more in the ::New York Times

Image credit Sheryl Tishman

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