Teach Them Young: Solar Toys


There was an old song, "they've got to be taught, before it's too late", about teaching children to " hate all the people your relatives hate"...but we aren't advocating that aspect. Instead, teach them the principles of a wind generator and how solar power works with these scientific and good looking toys for children.

The "Blow-light" (pictured) generates small amounts of electricity when you blow on the blades. This lights up the LED's, giving a bright neon colour to the mini-wind turbine. Plus it's fun.

Then there is the frog solar robot kit for the older child, that hops along in the sun. Or a lovely little helicopter with rotor blades that go round in the sunshine--put it in the shade and the blades stop turning. For the man who has everything, there is a metal, miniature wind turbine for his desk. The turbine blades spin when sunlight falls on the solar panel. For Father's day: a toy golf cart that moves along a flat surface when sunlight falls on the roof. Plus all kinds of solar gadgets, garden accessories and DIY kits.

Where do all these treats come from? A small, family-run business whose owners have backgrounds in conservation and engineering, trying to "stay true to their 'green beliefs' by making the best use of new technology". And they have a largely paperless office, and operate close to home.
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