Sydney Energy Co-operative: Fun in The Sun


Having been involved in reuse and food co-ops for over nine years it is always pleasing to hear of yet other models. The Sydney Energy Co-operative formed in mid 2007. Students from the Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering program at the University of New South Wales got together to offer their technical knowledge to the resources of the general community to carry out effective energy activities.

These include helping with more efficient lighting installations; supply of low cost, high quality solar modules available to members and the public; and energy-focused education, in concert with GreenGeeks. We were particularly taken with their quite forthright Environmental Values, which we note after the fold.The co-op does not own any motor vehicles. Instead has a fleet of bicycles (and bike trailers) built from recycled parts. Where more transport grunt is required they swap renewable energy consulting for use of a biodiesel van from a non-profit community arts collective. The co-operative has a no-flying policy. It uses no coal-based electricity, old or new. And sources its office supplies from a student-run Stationery Reuse Centre at UNSW.

It is early days yet, so we wish them well in their endeavours. Membership is $15 AUD for waged members. ::Sydney Energy Cooperative.

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