Sunslates: Solar Powered Shingles

In Europe, where they build to last, few builders put cheap asphalt shingles on houses, and Eternit Fiber-cement shingles are common. Atlantis Energy fits them out with solar cells; a standard installation of 216 Sunslates will crank out about 3 KW and take up about 300 square feet of roof. Each shingle connects to the next in strings of 24 of 24; I worry about the number of connections up there on the roof. However they have installations in Sacramento with summer temperatures over a hundred degrees and other installations in the mountains where it survives 217 inches of snow per year. Not cheap at thirteen bucks per watt, but it nicely integrates solar into a roof that will last forever. ::Sunslates via ::the LEED Pro

See other solar shingles like the ::Solar Century, ::Old Country Roofing and ::Sharp Electronics


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