Sungevity's Solar Popsicle Truck Promises More than Just a Cool Treat

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Photo: Mat McDermott

It's a perfect storm for expansion in the solar leasing business which has led the smallest of the big three solar lease providers to march eastward. Sungevity credits high energy costs, especially in some of the Northeastern states, with new found interest. We're moving beyond ethical principles and onto economics. Sungevity is showing consumers that they can cool down on the cheap by pushing popsicles in a biodiesel solar powered ice pop truck, while at the same time reminding them that solar power is no longer out of their financial reach. Aptly named the "Rooftop Revolution," Sungevity's solar powered popsicle truck will be hitting up farmers' markets, festivals, and other public events in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Delaware, hoping to seize up business that's moved far beyond their humble start in Oakland, Calif. Sungevity has made their mark by offering customers a low budget way into the solar market with zero money down solar leases. Sungevity also offers online quotes so that customers know immediately how much they can save through installation. In fact, their ice pop truck is equipped with iPads so that iQuotes can be done at no charge onsite.

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Photo: Mat McDermott

"Sungevity's 'Rooftop Revolution' is a true first in the solar industry and drives directly to what we believe - that going solar is a lifestyle choice that makes dollars and sense," said Patrick Crane, Chief Marketing Officer at Sungevity.

Solar Poised for Expansion
According to Huffington Post, solar power lease agreements are growing in popularity because the solar company assumes much of the upfront costs of installation and ownership making it a more realistic endeavor for a host of customers that once found it too pricey. While some of their business does come from full solar installations, the boom is born out of their solar lease programs. USA Today reports that high electricity bills across the board are motivating those who have never before thought solar to jump right in.

"We've seen a dramatic decrease in the price of solar power over the past year," said the Solar Energy Industries Association's Tom Kimbis to USA Today. "That has helped residential and commercial use of solar."

According to a Sungevity press release, a Harris Interactive poll found that 71 percent of U.S. adults are "overwhelmed" by rising energy costs and an "estimated 9.4 million expected to consider solar power in the next five years."

State Solar Incentives
Incentives for solar are increasing as well. It's no coincidence that Sungevity chose expansion where they did. According to Clean Technica, Maryland has started to increase solar rebates and so has New Jersey and Massachusetts. In fact, Massachusetts will offset $68 million for the cost of PV systems, especially in schools and government buildings.

Even in a struggling economy there's a clear opening for a less expensive solar market and Sungevity isn't the first to make the move. Big competitors SunRun and SolarCity have also begun eastward expansion. But Sungevity hopes to make a dent in the market with the help of its delicious strawberry, mango and hibiscus mint popsicles on a hot summer day. It's cool treat with a host of incentives.

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