SunCat: DIY solar batteries

SunCat DIY solar batteries PHOTO

Knut Karlsen had a lot of empty rechargeable batteries lying around at home, and thought it would be nice if they would simply charge themselves. "The batteries should just bask in the sun like a cat and left for a while, in a sunny window, they would slowly recharge", he thought to himself and invented SunCat Batteries. So how can you make yourself some SunCats?

Simply glue some flexible Photo Voltaic cells onto a rechargeable battery, connect them at the top, et voilà! Let them charge themselves in the sun. For more detailed instructions and photos of the process, visit Knut Karlsen's blog. And let us know if it works please! There's definitely a recycling issue to solve, and we're not sure batteries like lying in the sun... but hey, we love the simplicity of it. Definitely an idea worth pursuing as it would be nice to wrap everything in solar... cell phones, laptops, iPhones, ... Via ::GreenMuze ::Knut Karlsen
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