Sun Run Web from AISO

We recently had a tip from Chris, saying that Treehugger readers might be interested in a link he'd seen to Hellacious Riders, a site for motorcycle enthusiasts, for a great deal. A ginormous 1TB of free email storage, with a maximum attachment size of 500MB. Good offer, but "Why is this all TreeHugger-y?", as Chris so adroitly put it. Quite simply because the hriders servers are sun run. Yep, their ISP is Affordable Internet Services Online, which is a 100% solar powered facility. 120 photovoltaic panels grace their south facing roof. Using inverters they convert the solar energy into AC current. This in turn powers the data centre and their offices, including the air conditioners. The grid can be accessed in emergencies, although given the blackouts and brownouts of recent years, its likely the reverse would be the case. Seems they also channel natural lighting inside, through solar tubes. Sound like a technology company worth supporting? Thanks for the tip Chris. Check out the email offer via ::hriders [by WM]