Sun Chairs are So Solar

sun chair is solar photo

You wouldn't want to waste your time just lying in the sun. Now you can make the sun work for you whilst you are soaking up the rays.

This chaise lounge has a panel over the head made of solar panel fabric that acts as a sunshade and moves to protect you from the sun. At the same time it collects solar energy. This is converted into electricity that can be used to charge all those essential gadgets needed for the beach such as a dock to download your digital camera pictures and load up MP3 players and even a GPS in case you get lost. It has a sliding laptop table so that you can read TreeHugger at the same time. Of course there are speakers and long-range WiFi antennae. Called the "Tech Chair", the humble sun lounger has been transformed into an "advanced technological hub of summer entertainment". Just pull on that solar bikini and you are ready to roll. :: PC World Via :: Hippyshopper