Southern Energy Management: Clean Energy Advice for North Carolina


However many times we hear that energy efficiency should be the first step to greening our homes, and that it should take priority over fancy off-grid generation systems, many of us TreeHuggers still dream of shiny solar panels on the roof. Fortunately, there are companies like Southern Energy Management about, who share their expertise in renewable energy AND energy efficiency, and are apparently happy to advise their customers on what exactly are the best solutions for them. Serving North Carolina, and parts of South Carolina and Virginia, the company offers a bewildering array of services, from energy management solutions to solar and wind installations, energy star verification, and advice on tax credits, it would certainly appear that these guys know what they are talking about. The company’s website also boasts a commitment to ethical business practice, including purchasing green power and carbon offsets, and profit sharing with its employees.

Stay tuned for an interview with a representative of Southern Energy Management.

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