Sony's Hana Mado Solar Panel Brings Fun Back to Solar Cells

flower power solar cell image

Photo via Gizmag

The ability of a solar cell to turn light into electricity is exciting. However, solar cells themselves are boring, and usually ugly too. That's one of the reasons why integrating them into fashion and home decor has been so difficult. But Sony aims to change that with a new product called Hana Mado, or "Flower Window," introduced at the Eco Products 2010 exhibition in Tokyo last weekend. The dye-sensitized solar cell adds a little style to solar power:

According to Gizmag, the technology is not only pretty, but is also cheaper than comparable solar tech and is easy to install in already existing buildings. Sony uses screen printing to designs the customer wants, so perhaps soon, we can all have customized solar panels for our homes; however, how soon is still up in the air.

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